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Curve Appeal - Emulating Curves in the Farmhouse & Industrial Style

The trends list for 2022 is out and curves, arcs, and circles seem to be making the rounds within the top tiers of interior design. In fact, according to
Pinterest Business, there has been a 170% increase in the search for “round pool deck ideas” etc. A quick look at Instagram reaffirms this even more. 

This “curve appeal” is part of the prediction that people will lean more towards curved shapes when designing their spaces. This may include canape-style sofas, round nesting tables, arched windows, curved kitchen islands, and more. Here’s all you need to know about it:


The psychology of the curve appeal

Gone is the era of stark, clean lines that make a space feel formal and austere. These days, people want their homes to be as relaxing and comfortable as possible. This is why they’re leaning more towards shapes that are curved. Psychology dictates that angular and straight shapes imbue a sense of excitement, whereas curved shapes tend to evoke softness. As a result, when they are featured in an interior, these curves tend to make a person feel an immediate sense of visual and mental calm.

You see, our mind instantly connects circular shapes with safety. We’re drawn to arced forms and curved lines as they appear more natural and organic when compared to pointy angles and straight lines. Since people have been spending more time in their homes mid and post-pandemic, it’s no surprise that circular forms are making a big splash in the design scene.


5 simple ways to emulate curves in your homes

There are several ways to introduce the concept of “curve appeal” in your interior designs, and here are just a few of them:


Curved furniture

One of the most popular and apparent ways to emulate the curve appeal in your homes is through furniture. You’ll find so many trendy options in the market. From canape-shaped sofas with gently curving forms to accent chairs with curved bodies and nesting tables with round tops, there’s a huge variety out there. Rattan dining furniture with curved backseats and timeless entryway benches that are shaped in an arc form are also popular choices. 


When featured in a space, all of these items can successfully evoke a soft, organic appeal that would make you want to simply kick back and relax.



Curved decor and accessories

This is another great way to emulate curve appeal in modern homes. You can start off with a round rug that is artfully layered with another abstract rug (think: classic animal print in neutrals). After that, you can top off the furniture with curved accessories. Vases with voluptuous bodies are a big hit. Minimalist accessories with round bodies and diverse shapes are another big trend. You can also opt for table sculptures, floor lamps, and even wall lights that feature stunning curves to make the most of this trend. All of these things will come together wonderfully, given that you select the right colors, finish, and location for them. 




Curved design elements

These include the in-built architectural elements that are an inherent part of the whole space. For example, a doorway with an arched opening can be considered part of the curve appeal. Similarly, a bigger transitional entranceway (like the one between an open kitchen and the living room in modern homes) can also have a curved entrance. Windows with barrel arches are also a great way to emulate curve appeal in your interiors. They can also be outfitted with fanlights for a super classy effect.




Curved wall designs

These days, you can embellish the walls of your rooms with stickers, customized paint shapes, 3D wall panels, and more. All of them can be articulated in circular shapes, so that’s another way to emulate curve appeal in your spaces. Examples include painted patterns featuring funky circles, 3D panels featuring gentle waves, and wall stickers with flowing designs.

Design considerations for featuring curved furniture

If you’ve got your heart set on curved furniture and accessories, then here’re all the things that you need to keep in mind while picking them out:


Choosing them in calming colors

Since curved shapes are calming, to begin with, you can make them even more appealing for your interiors by choosing them in tranquil hues. Earthy neutrals are a good choice, but you can also pick out from nature’s own color palette a la blues and greens.


Complement with natural textures

Curved shapes have even more of a visual and psychological impact when you pair them with natural textures. A curved sofa with a lovely wool or shag throw will look even more comfortable. Similarly, a circular accent chair will look beautiful with a curved planter full of lush leaves.


Circular layouts are the best

Always remember: whenever you’re featuring curved furniture and accessories in your spaces, it’s best to arrange them in a circular layout. This will not only improve the overall flow of your space but would also look much more visually coherent.

Curve Appeal in Farmhouse Style

Here are a few tips you can use to emulate curves in farmhouse-style interior designs.

  • Arched doorways and windows: The farmhouse style is all about simple and minimalist lines, so doorways with clean arches and windows with fanlights and elegant grills with curved patterns will make a great addition.

  • Round dining tables: Trestle-style dining tables with round tops and curved chairs are the next big thing in farmhouse interiors. Pro tip: you can pair such a dining table with a striped area rug to create shapely contrast. The round table and straight-laced rug would make for a stylish combination.

  • Circular coffee or nesting tables: The farmhouse style is all about cozy sofas and if you’ve got yourself a plush, rectangular one, then you can always complement it with a round coffee table. Add in a cluster of curved nesting tables on the side and you’ll have a winner!

  • Round rustic chandeliers: A subtle yet psychologically impactful way to emulate curve appeal in farmhouse interiors is with the help of round rustic chandeliers. They’re very minimalistic and tend to have a simple metal or wood ring with lights affixed on it. Having one in the middle of your room (especially right above a round table) can make a big difference.

  • Round planters and accessories: Lastly, you can also feature round, belly-bottomed planters in your farmhouse style interiors. Coupled with the rest of the round accessories, these planters would look pretty good.

Curve Appeal in Industrial Style

The industrial style is rather raw and edgy, but here’s how you can emulate some curves in it:

  • Round pendant lights: Pendant lights are a staple of the industrial style and you can emulate some classic curve appeal in your spaces with them. From round-bellied Edison bulbs to chrome plated round hanging lights, you’ll find a lot of options in the market.

  • Round metal tables: From round coffee and nesting tables to circular-shaped dining tables with metal legs and studs, these tables can be used to emulate some edgy curve appeal in industrial style spaces.
  • Round roman clocks and other wall art: Metal roman clocks in large round frames along with other curved wall decor and accessories are another good way to emulate curve appeal in industrial style rooms.

So, this is everything you need to know about the trend of “curve appeal” and how it can be used in farmhouse and industrial style spaces. We hope this guide helps you make the most of it.

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